What to Expect

Each time you meet with Veronika, you study English using an integrated approach focused around four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each meeting is tailored to your needs at that time, and incorporates pronunciation, vocabulary building and conversation activities using grammar in context. If you find an aspect of the language particularly difficult, more time is spent on that area until it is mastered. On average, students meet with Veronika for two or three one-hour classes a week until their goals are achieved.

Each lesson is designed to be interesting, effective and engaging (even if the material presents a lot of rules and/or requires memory training). To enhance learning, Veronika uses a variety of tools and methods, such as songs, TV programs, magazine articles and even video clips to bring the language to life. She also loves to engage with topics in the form of games or role-play—learning is easier when you are having fun!

While it may be recommended that you obtain extra study material, more often Veronika will send you exclusive study material developed over her decades of English language teaching experience. You also receive access to her specially designed templates to help you easily assess and answer different exam question types.